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Washed Irregular Print Low Waist Flare Jeans


Style: Casual/Street/Y2K/Vintage/Preppy/Punk/Hip Pop
Fabric Content: Cotton Blend
Fit Type: Slim Fit
Unique Style: The jeans feature a unique blend of casual, street, Y2K, vintage, preppy, punk, and hip pop styles, making them perfect for fashion forward individuals who love to stand out.
High quality Fabric: Made from a durable cotton blend, this jeans offer the perfect balance of comfort and longevity.
Slim Fit Design: The jeans are designed with a slim fit that contours to your body, highlighting your natural silhouette.
Vintage Washed Design: The jeans feature a washed design that gives them a vintage, worn in look.
Cool Irregular Print & Low Waist Design: The jeans are adorned with an irregular print that adds a cool, edgy touch. The low waist design, on the other hand, allows you to show off your waistline, adding a flattering element to your outfit.